Charles Arnold

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Already a prosperous entrepreneur and having seen great success with his own businesses, Charles Arnold has (for more than 35 years) worked, structured, and invested with many companies: from small to large, from start-up to reorganization, and from liquidation to international expansion. Since 1992, Mr. Arnold has been consulting with companies wishing to go public and assisting public companies to achieve their marketing and financing objectives. Mr. Arnold has been responsible for financing, capitalizing, and structuring start-up companies from the inception stages to the public market. Mr. Arnold’s ability to integrate marketing concepts and financial strategies plays a pivotal role in the development of his clients’ businesses. In addition to developing start-up companies, he is responsible for placing more than $1.5 Billion into public companies with as much as $400 Million in a single transaction. Significant mergers and acquisitions have been accomplished through his network of financial specialists and professionals throughout the world.

Over the years Mr. Arnold has carefully developed worldwide relationships with retail brokerage firms, investment bankers, traders, fund managers, and independent investors. A broad scope of his functions includes public awareness and financial relations campaigns arranged to bring undervalued, little known public companies with significant upside potential to the center of equity markets throughout the world. For over 35 years, Mr. Arnold traveled extensively serving as a guest speaker for many private and public affairs, including international investment conferences. The investor groups Mr. Arnold consults have been able to participate in several very profitable ventures. Although Mr. Arnold retired from the lecture circuit in 1998 to concentrate on his primary business, he remains in demand internationally as an author and lecturer at seminars on entrepreneurship and business economics and development.

Mr. Arnold has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and been quoted in Bloomberg, Reuters, FNN, and other publications. Since the early 90`s, he has concentrated on the public market sector advising companies that are already public on consolidation, finance, and market awareness. He has assisted companies on the intricacies of going public, helping these companies from inception through market trading and funding. Arnold’s current investments and projects include real estate, renewable energy, food distribution, security technology, aviation, medical technology, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and telemedicine.

Mr. Arnold was a board member of the “Total Return Fund” and the “Income Plus Fund”. He was the president Sound Money Investors and is currently the CEO of Stemtech Corporation.

Mr. Arnold can be reached at

Garfield Antonio

President, Director

Garfield Antonio, born in 1968, is the co-founder of The Velocity Companies a leading Real Estate Development Company headquartered in Washington DC. Additionally, Mr. Antonio is a minority owner of the Gastonia Honey Hunters an Atlantic League Minor League Baseball team. Mr. Antonio has more than 30 years of experience in banking, financing, and real estate development where he specializes in apartments and commercial real estate development that requires an understanding of Municipal Financing, Tax Incentive Financings (TIFs), Tax Exempt Bonds, Private Placement Bond Financing, Planned Community Developments, and pioneering emerging markets.

He has consulted on, and been responsible for, the acquisition, and development of large- and small-scale projects across the United States, primarily concentrating his activity in the Washington DC region. Prior to forming Velocity, Mr. Antonio worked as a senior executive for Riggs Bank NA and held other executive positions at both Mercantile Potomac Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank. Mr. Antonio served as the chief financial officer and senior development manager for the Saint Paul Community Development Corporation.

As a leading non-profit organization, this group developed affordable workforce housing, market rate condominiums, and commercial properties. The organization provided much-needed housing to some of the most underserved neighborhoods in Prince George’s County Maryland and the District of Columbia. Mr. Antonio has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Delaware State University.

Mr. Antonio can be reached at

Kevin Humes

Veterans and Tribal Affairs, Director

Kevin Humes is a retired, disabled veteran who is the managing partner of USA International Holdings Co, U.S.A. AIA International Corp. During his 18 years of decorated service in the U.S. Army and prior to his medical discharge, Kevin was responsible for in-service recruitment, retention, education, and service member training for a company unit size of 300 personnel. Additional duties included assisting service members in preparation for departure from military service by utilizing all resources available to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In 2000, Kevin founded and became President and CEO of the American Veterans Alliance (AVA), a veteran’s service organization.

He also became President of the American Alliance for Disabled Veterans, a 501c-3 non-profit organization. Both organizations were founded to support veterans by assisting with providing education, employment, access to quality health care, and guidance in business and entrepreneurship.
Kevin’s legislative endeavors to support and empower veterans throughout the past 20 years have put the American Veterans Alliance and the American Alliance for Disabled Veterans front and center, advocating directly to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Labor, along with many of America’s largest veteran organizations.
Mr. Humes can be reached at

Mr. Humes can be reached at

Senator Ron A. Silver

Chairman, Audit Committee

Senator Ronald A. Silver was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1978 and continued his tenure in that body until 1992. While in the Florida House, Senator Silver served in major positions, including Majority Whip (1984-1986) and Majority Leader (1986-1988). He also chaired various committees, including the Select Committee on Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice, Ethics and Elections, as well as the Subcommittee of Appropriations on General Government.

Senator Silver was then elected to the Florida Senate in 1992 and subsequently re-elected, serving as the Majority (Democratic) leader for the 1994 session. During his last term in the Senate, he was designated by both the House and Senate as the Dean of the Legislature recognizing his standing as the longest serving member.

His career as a lawmaker has yielded a vast and extensive knowledge of public policy issues and the legislative process, allowing him to be an advocate and servant for his diverse community. Throughout his tenure in the Senate, Mr. Silver has been known to tackle tough issues, transcend partisanship and build strong coalitions. As Senator, he served on a variety of committees, and was chairman of both the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services and Criminal Justice. His career in the Senate has earned praise from his colleagues, in both the legislature and other branches of government throughout the nation.

In 1993, Mr. Silver was elected Chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference (17 Southern States) of the Council of State Governments. Most recently, a new prescription drug plan for Medicare-eligible senior citizens in the State of Florida has been named the “Silver Saver” in his honor.

Since his retirement from the Senate in 2002, Mr. Silver also functions as President of his own consulting firm (Ron Silver & Associates) and maintains his law practice in Miami Beach, Florida. In addition, Mr. Silver served as the first chairman of the Florida Biofuels Association and is currently the immediate past chairman and a Member of the Board Directors of that organization.

Myron Jones

Head of Development

Mr. Jones is a successful principal in the Real Estate and Information Technology industries. He has a specialized focus in the areas of Project Management and Engagement Leadership, Finance, Business and Systems Analysis, and Value Management. He has designed and implemented technology-driven business solutions across multiple industries within government and Fortune 500 organizations. Mr. Jones founded Millennium Acquisition Partners LLC 2014, as a real estate services and investment company doing business in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and New York metro areas. As the principal of Millennium Acquisition Partners, LLC, Mr. Jones has focused primarily on mixed-use and transit oriented projects that are environmentally conscious and promote new urbanism. He has primarily been responsible for feasibility and due diligence of early stage real estate projects, the acquisition and disposition of distressed institutional assets, and providing underwriting support for institutional funding and equity partnerships. Millennium has negotiated and advised clients on more than $26 Million in debt and equity placement. Prior to Millennium Acquisition Partners, LLC, Mr. Jones participated in the feasibility and predevelopment phases of more than $250 million in re-development. Mr. Jones assisted with a project currently under construction consisting of 550,000 square feet of mixed use development set on 25 acres, the creation of a TIF district, and the acquisition of $16.1 Million Tax Increment Financing. His skillset also includes writing a successful Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) plan, as well as underwriting support for institutional funding and equity partnerships. Mr. Jones has managed several multi-family development projects totaling more than $105 million in market value and was responsible for project underwriting, and overseeing third party consultants. He evaluated construction, architect and engineering proposals and contracts, while managing completion of the entitlement process. He attended University of Maryland University College and has had certifications and specialty finance training including Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), along with various technology platforms.

Stalin A. Cruz

Chief Financial Officer, Director

Stalin A. Cruz is an experienced and successful financial services executive with over 27 years of experience in capital markets. He has extensive knowledge of domestic and international markets. Mr. Cruz currently serves as the Managing Partner and CEO of Cruz Capital Management, LP. He is also a member of the capital markets team at a New York based full-service investment banking and brokerage firm. Mr. Cruz has held several principal positions throughout his Wall Street career. His commitments have included working with institutional and private investors in; private placements, IPOs, secondary offerings, fixed-income trading, and equity trading.

Mr. Cruz began his Wall Street career in 1994 as a registered representative. He has held various positions including; registered sales trader, market maker, investment banker, MSRB Principal, managing director of trading, senior vice president of advisory services.

Mr. Cruz is well versed in SEC rules and regulations as well as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). He has a wealth of experience with publicly traded and privately held companies. In previous ventures Mr. Cruz has streamlined business operations resulting in growth, increased efficiency, and elevated bottom-line profits. Along with his vast knowledge Mr. Cruz holds FINRA Series 4, 7, 24, 53, 55, 63, and SIE licenses.

David Kugelman

Investor Relations
& Corporate Communications

Mr. Kugelman is the President of Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC, a private equity family fund and investor relations consulting firm. Mr. Kugelman has provided strategic business planning and investor relations services to a diverse number of small and large public and privately held companies. Drawing on more than 35 years of contacts in the investment industry, Mr. Kugelman has carefully built relationships worldwide with retail brokerage firms, investment bankers, analysts, fund managers, and independent investors by introducing them to undiscovered opportunities. This has resulted in the introduction of more than $500 million in funding and increased investor awareness for hundreds of public and privately held companies. In his day to day role, Mr. Kugelman assists companies with assembling management teams, boards of directors and scientific advisory boards, formulating business and financial strategies, investor and public relations and capital formation.

Mr. Kugelman has been in the Investment industry since 1986 and has held the National Association of Securities Dealers Series 7, 24, 63, and 66 licenses, as well as the Certified Financial Manager designation. In the past, he has worked for Thomson McKinnon, Bear Stearns, and Merrill Lynch, as well as two regional Investment Banking Firms. In addition to managing investments for both individuals and corporate clients, Mr. Kugelman structured transactions servicing middle market institutional funds by providing corporate clients access to public financial markets including external funding, strategic alliances, restructurings, acquisitions, and business strategy formation. Mr. Kugelman received his Bachelors of Science from Ball State University. He can be reach at

Mr. Kugelman can be reach at

Board of Directors

Senator Ron A. Silver – Chairman, Audit Committee
Charles Arnold – Director
Garfield Antonio – Director
Stalin A. Cruz – Director
Kevin Humes – Director
Randy Avon – Independent Director, Audit Committee
Joseph “Joe” Gibbons – Independent Director, Audit Committee